We help children in need! Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. (association Black-White) is a children aid project that supports Africa's orphans. In the by us looked after Nice View Children`s Village in Kenya find abandoned, orphaned and abused children a new home. The overall concept is to provide them with everything they need, from being a small baby up until independence. Feeling of security - love - shelter - provisions - medical supply - kindergarten - school - apprenticeship ...

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Februar 2018: Geburtstag Faith und Jay

Dear godparents,

We would like to inform you that the birthdays have changed.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the parents come later with other dates of birth.

Faith was born on May 2, 2010 according to her mother, Jay according to his father on June 1, 2010.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß

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Impressions Nice View Projects Msambweni / Kenya 2017

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

January 2018: Final Examination Results of Class 8

Although our pupils had done very well in the mock exams, they only managed to achieve a score of 304.63 points and a C-level in the end. However, the average in Kwale county was not more than 251 points.

One pupil reached a top score of 397 (A-). And the poorest result was 248 points (D+).

Unfortunately, the Nice View children haven't performed particularly well. For some of the pupils this did not come as a surprise.

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January 2018: German Medical Team Visits the Nice View Clinic

At the beginning of last December, Horst Brenneis, an urologist from Pirmasens, Germany, and his team of 11 spent two days in the Nice View clinic. For many years the physicians, nurses and assistants have carried out operations in the SOS Children's Village BuruBuru in Nairobi and other locations in the context of a help project. This time, the medics also stopped off in Nice View.

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January 2018: KPSA Games and Sports Competition Day

On the date 8th July 2017, our school participated in the KPSA athletic games.

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Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

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January 2018: New Year's Eve

As every year, the children spent the days between Christmas and New Year on the beach. The older boys were even allowed to spend the night there and also the New Year's Eve was celebrated in the banda at the beach.

Of course, at the turn of the year there was something special to eat. A goat was slaughtered and Eugene had prepared a few games. Of course, a lot of dancing was done.

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January 2018: Christmas Eve in Nice View

Already the whole day was the anticipation felt. The banda was decorated and treats prepared. Also, the Christmas songs and Christmas poems that the children should recite were rehearsed.

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December 2017: Neema's Wheelchair

Henry became aware in the highlands of a single mother whose child suffers from cerebral palsy.

The child is the age in which our Neema would be now. The mother does everything for her child and spends a lot of money on therapy.

Henry always saw her with the child on her back and asked Gudrun if she did not have a wheelchair for her. Gudrun then sent him the chair of Neema. The mother and the child were very happy and could hardly believe it when Henry brought the chair.

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Dezember 2017: Christmas Song from Nice View

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December 1017: Christmas Cards

This year 700 cards were made.

Some pictures...

Your team of Projekct Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

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