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August 2019: Sports Competitions

This year KPSA (Kenya Private School Association) organized sports competitions once again.

The first round took place at the Nice View sports ground (see also http://nice-view-reporter.org/kenya-private-school-zonal-ball-games/), where the girls' football team qualified for the next round in Mombasa. There the girls were successful again and allowed to represent the coast on national level together with another school. In Thika they made it to the final, but unfortunately lost 0-1.

Nevertheless, we are very proud of the Nice View girls Jolene, Theresia, Neema and especially Faith. A good footballer and by far the youngest student to participate in the competitions. Everyone was excited about her, and several schools even wanted to woo her. But of course, Faith stays in Nice View.

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the girls' team the boys' team Nice View sports ground Nice View sports ground Nice View sports ground Nice View sports ground in Mombasa in Mombasa the trophy is handed over to Jolene in Mombasa in Thika in Thika